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How to make a difference for Earth Day (and beyond)

With each passing year, Earth Day becomes more timely. It’s never been more important to lead a sustainable life. This isn’t as hard as it may sound. There are always small changes we can make to help save our planet.

‘Invest in our planet’ is the theme for this year’s Earth Day. So, we’ve listed a few ways you can begin to invest your time into fighting the climate crisis.

Get active for Earth Day

Volunteering locally is a really great way to start creating impact. From community clean ups to conservation work, there’s loads of ways to volunteer in your neighbourhood. 

The National Clean Up website has a map of community cleanups happening across the world. So no matter where you are – you can find one near you.

The Conservation Volunteers is a UK wide organisation that connects people to green spaces near them. By helping to manage these spaces, you’ll protect wildlife in precious areas of woodland, rural meadows, and urban parks.

Make sustainable choices

Swapping out everyday plastics for more sustainable alternatives is a small, easy change to implement.

For example, cleaning supplies, aerosol deodorant and shampoo account for a lot of household plastic waste. There are great alternatives out there that are reusable and include biodegradable packaging.

Explore other easy changes to make on Aboderie, a sustainable lifestyle blog.

Educate yourself 

Understanding why we need to live more sustainably is crucial to maintain changes you make beyond Earth Day. There are loads of different ways to brush up on your knowledge of climate change. Here are some of our suggestions:


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