Making the most of empty spaces – Bubble Club

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with an amazing local community organisation, Bubble Club. They’ll be making the most of a largely under-used space in our Whitechapel property, to run weekly workshops where people with learning disabilities are supported to plan, organise and deliver the Bubble Club event nights.

What is Bubble Club?
Bubble Club has been going for 13 years, supporting people with learning disabilities to run their own immersive club nights in Tower Hamlets. To do this, they host weekly workshops, where a team of learning-disabled participants collaborate with staff and volunteers to do everything from planning the themes and designing the decor, to booking the artists and doing the promotions. Volunteers are important members of the team both during the Friday workshops and on event nights.

Volunteering Opportunities
Volunteers get the opportunity to be part of an award winning creative organisation that uniquely collaborates with people with learning disabilities in a radically lateral ethos. They will be supported to support others with complex needs and in return will gain experience of living with disabilities and neuro diversities. A big part of what Bubble Club aims to achieve is improved perceptions and visibility for people with learning disabilities and this comes through integration and exposure.

“We’re all really excited at Bubble Club to be setting up shop in Whitechapel. Our workshops are about big ideas, loud voices, celebration and empowerment for people with learning disabilities, and we’re looking forward to getting Dot Dot Dot guardians involved.” Hugo, Bubble Club

Artists or administrators, actors or marketers, poets or policy makers, if you would like to volunteer with Bubble Cub there are a variety of opportunities to get involved, either at the workshops or behind the scenes. Get in touch to find out more at