1 August 2013 | News and features | Back to Blog

MP Jim Fitzgerald’s visit to Dot Dot Dot

Thanks very much indeed to Jim Fitzgerald, MP for Poplar and Limehouse, for making time to come and see what we’re up to at Dot Dot Dot.

We were able to show Jim some of the properties we’re able to offer our guardians – preventing the flats from sitting empty while providing volunteers with cheap accommodation at a time of sky-high rents.

And he got to meet a handful of our guardians  – including Dan, who volunteers at the London Orchard Project and the People’s Kitchen, Polly who helps at Crisis, and Ailsa who volunteers with the Bow Arts Trust.

It was also a chance to check out the view over central London from the 20th floor of Balfron Tower, one of the capital’s landmarks where we’re managing flats for Poplar HARCA ahead of its refurbishment.

Jim said: “This is a great project which is putting people in to homes that would otherwise be empty and empowering them to do great things in the community.

“Having met the Guardians it’s obvious that they are positive about change and their brilliant work would not be possible if Dot Dot Dot wasn’t around to give a helping hand.

“I hope in the coming years projects like this will go from strength to strength. Dot Dot Dot is a win win win solution for the London housing crisis and community volunteering.”