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My GoodGym Coach and I

By Becky Greenwood

140102 Becky GoodGym

It’s been over a year since Barry and I were paired by the charity GoodGym. GoodGym links runners with isolated older people in order to provide them with a motivation to get fit whilst contributing to their local community. My runs to visit Barry at his home every week bring benefits to both of us.

For me…

Visiting Barry each week gives me a reason to run. Barry monitors my fitness progress as well as providing entertainment in the form of comedy routines and stories about his life growing up in the ever-changing area of East London. Each visit proves to be educational as well as a mental workout for me; on my arrival I find a selection of cryptic puzzles and beautifully hand drawn Pictionary graphics to solve. Barry has become a solid friend and is generally someone who can without fail put me in a good mood.

In Barry’s words…

I am a coach with GoodGym, I was recruited ‘Press Ganged’ by a lady named Pollie. (Yes, I’ve spelled it right) and my runner, Becky Greenwood.
If I’d known Becky would run miles just to see me, I would have joined much sooner.
I cannot tell you what benefits Becky obtains from our acquaintance other than the fact she gets to see me but I can say she has had a remarkable effect on my existence.
She is charming, knowledgeable, witty and after I taught her to speak the Queens English (She’s from up North), very communicative. She appears to be a fitness fanatic and thoroughly enjoys the graft, whereas I thoroughly enjoy watching other people graft.
I look forward immensely to her visits and feel thoroughly rejuvenated when she’s been. In summary: A very worthwhile relationship.