12 December 2014 | News and features | Back to Blog

My work experience at Dot Dot Dot

By Alhassan Conteh

My work experience is going quite well, I’m very lucky to be working with Dot Dot Dot staff they have been very helpful to me and every day I’m learning new skills. For the past couple of days I’ve been doing more research  and the first thing I learned about was Social Enterprise and what Commercial business is and how to use spreadsheets, all my life I haven’t come across these topics. The second thing I learned was  how to do research and this is very essential as a business student, because as a businessman you should know about your competitors and do research about what is going on with their business and further more the latest trends. I also learned how to present ideas within a group. If you are working as a team, I think everyone has the right to know exactly what everyone’s been doing in terms of the organisation progress – the way Dot Dot Dot present their ideas was excellent so I learned from them as well, and the other thing I also came across was how to use a spreadsheet.

My favorite part of my work experience has to be everything as there is no particular one because I’ve been enjoying all my roles and I’m really grateful to be here, I’m learning from professionals and hopefully one day I’d one too.


In the future I’d like to be a businessman and to run my own business precisely because I like dealing with money and the main aim of a business is making money so that’s me really. The sort of business I’d be running has to be in Social Media, reason being I like Social media and I want to do something I like doing, and I reckon that would be a great way to start as a young enthusiastic entrepreneur.