Some proper food


This week it was a real surprise to check on the beds and see the incredible progress that the crops have made. Due to not going along last week there was a slight worry that perhaps they may have dwindled slightly but on the contrary they were alive and kicking! Obviously the mix of good and bad weather over the past few weeks has done wonders for our little crops.


One quite peculiar thing this week though was to see that someone or something has had a go at digging up some of the beetroots. We were not sure though if this was indeed to eat them, as if it were they would not have made much of a dinner as they are still very small. One conclusion we came to however was that someone may have just needed some soil for their potted house plant, and if that is the case it is a real shame. Let’s see if there are any more mysterious holes next week.


Once again we had the irony of watering all the beds and grow bags and then having the heavens open as soon as we finished – at least they got a good water though (in fact so did we!). We are also trying to get more local people involved so we went around the local area to put up posters and talk to local care homes to see if they would be interested in running food growing sessions too. We are excited to see how this develops.









Till next time!