Guardian Spotlight: Becky

Becky GreenwoodThis month we are celebrating the amazing work of our guardian Becky, whose consistent commitment to and passion for volunteering is an inspiration to all of us here at Dot Dot Dot HQ. Becky works with many different charities including GoodGym, Positive East, People’s Kitchen and Hackney Pirates, and is always lending a hand where it’s needed.

Becky says: “Volunteering with east-end community projects allows me to do the things I love the most; run, cook, paint and meet so many interesting and amazing people, but with the added bonus of benefiting others at the same time.

Before volunteering for small-scale organisations became a big part of my life, I used to get myself angry and frustrated with politics and how difficult it was to make any tiny changes at that level. Through volunteering I have found out about the vast networks of community projects that are making real noticeable changes to the lives of individuals in East London, working in neighbourhoods to provide what the government doesn’t in fun and creative ways”.