Spotlight on: Carl – Festive Fundraising in September

Our High Barnet guardian, Carl, leads a double life as Santa! And he needs your help!

I really wanted to make the most of the time I have for my Dot Dot Dot volunteering. That meant one thing – pulling out my inflatable Santa suit for a good cause.

My name’s Carl (or Santa, depending on what I’m wearing at the time). I wanted to spend my volunteering hours bringing attention to a group of people that are often forgotten about.

My friend Kate helps the parents of children with chronic illnesses over Christmas. She does this by providing them with gift boxes over the Christmas period.

As Kate suffered with a few chronic illnesses herself, she really wanted to make sure that parents were acknowledged. Even though parents are usually the primary carers, they’re often forgotten about.

I’ve been spending my time volunteering to run a crowdfunding campaign for Project Parent. This has ranged from organising the promotion strategy, to running around Hyde Park in an inflatable Santa suit for a video.

We’re raising £3500 to deliver loads of gift boxes to the parents of children with chronic illnesses this year. Gift boxes include items like confectionery, toiletries and loads of other items parents might need during their stay in hospital.

But boxes cost £10 each to make. So we’re still looking for three things:

1. People to make a donation at

2. People to share the content we put out on Facebook via Project Parent and Caruzmatic

3. For people to get in touch if they want to help out in other ways. Contact Carl at or

So please do help if you can! Don’t worry if you can’t, you’ll still be sure to get a Christmas present, as long as you’ve been good!