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Spotlight on Xilona

Xilona moved into a large shared property in Morden in November as one of our first volunteer live-in organisers. Since then she has been very active organising local volunteer days for her fellow guardians. As a conservationist and environmentalist herself, Xilona has done great work introducing her housemates to volunteering in the outdoors.

She had this to say about their most recent volunteer expedition to Deen City Farm:

‘Simon from the farm emailed me with thanks for organising the days, bringing in help to the farm and that the guys worked really hard! I had feedback from the house and they have really enjoyed the gardening, so much so that all of us chatted about it yesterday and agreed that we would love to do it again. So, I have coordinated another day at the farm for this Saturday!’

In addition to helping out at the local farm, Xilona had previously coordinated several of her housemates to help with the clean-up of a local river, the river Wandle. This has led to a string of opportunities with the Wandle Trust in the area, who are grateful for the guardians continued support.

    Guardians Volunteering at the River Wandle

Xilona has also helped guardians in Morden pursue their own interests in volunteering.  One guardian has been put in touch with a hospice round the corner to start helping out there. Several have been active promoting the work of Olio, a social enterprise that aims to tackle domestic food waste. We think it’s great that our Morden guardians are contributing so much to the community and having so much fun in the process.

Well done Xilona and all our guardians in Morden!

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