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Staff Profile: Atma


160914-atma-amir-290x300We’ve got a new staff member! Meet Atma, our new Charityworks graduate trainee and Operations Assistant. Read on to find out more about Atma, his role at Dot Dot Dot and what he’s learned about the organisation since becoming a staff member.

When did you first hear about Dot Dot Dot?

I first heard of Dot Dot Dot when travelling around Latin America. Then, when we returned to London, me and a friend were talking about it and how we could move out of home and someone listening in mentioned it again. Initially I completely misunderstood the message of the company, thinking that Dot Dot Dot was a housing branch of the Guardian newspaper. I then dismissed the idea, not believing there was a viable housing option for £50 a week in London. Little did I know I’d be working at the organisation as a staff member 18 months later!


Atma on his travels.

Tell us about your role at Dot Dot Dot.

I am an Operations Assistant at Dot Dot Dot. This role allows me to witness first-hand the positive effect that the organisation can have in an area. I think the service provided is a very innovative idea in the current housing climate. Not only am I assisting people with their housing, I can see the positive social impact made possible by people having to worry less about exorbitant rent costs.

What have you learned about Dot Dot Dot since becoming a staff member?

One of my first thoughts about the organisation was that people may struggle to fit 16 hours of volunteering per month into their lives. And while this is true for some, beginning my work has shown me that the vast majority of guardians do not struggle at all. Many go beyond the 16 hours and I really enjoy reading the positive feedback I see about their volunteering experiences. This is what has struck me the most in this job. Lots of guardians use their professional skills to help with causes whilst others further their own interests and passions through volunteering. Another thing that impressed me is the array of areas our guardians volunteer in, issues that I was not even aware of were having time dedicated to them.

What does the future hold for you at Dot Dot Dot?

Even though my time as a staff member Dot Dot Dot is just beginning, I am excited about my future at the company. As we grow and expand, housing more guardians, more issues have at least 16 hours a month dedicated to them and more people are affordably housed. I feel this is a win win situation and am glad to be part of it.