Staff Profile: Beth

Beth1Name: Beth
Role: Relationship Manager

A Bit About Beth..
Beth has a degree in Sociology and Gender Studies from Sussex University. Since finishing university she has worked in International Development, working in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Most recently she has worked in Volunteer Support at Restless Development and is now excited to support Guardians to make a positive social impact in their local communities.

What volunteering do you do?
Currently I volunteer with South London Cares, a community of young professionals and over 65 year olds, tackling loneliness in London. I am also an active member of the Women’s Equality Party and a campaigner with Youth Stop AIDS.

BethWhat made you choose Dot Dot Dot?
I’ve always worked for organisations who are different and innovative. I was impressed with Dot Dot Dot’s values, the people (staff and guardians) and it’s commitment to positive social impact.

What is your favourite part of London?
My walk to work along the canals and through the Olympic park, I love watching everyone having a cup of tea on their houseboat as the sun comes up over the stadium.