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Starting a new career is easier with low-cost housing

Guardianship for graduates

In 2022, the average graduate salary comes in at just over £24,000 a year, equating to around £1,670 a month take home pay. Then, consider the private rental sector, where the average cost of a double room in London is £815pcm and a 1-bed flat ranges from £1,526-£1,759. As a graduate, you could end up spending almost 50% of your  income on renting a room – and forget being able to afford your own 1-bed flat.

So whether you’re about to embark on an exciting new career, start your own business or are simply looking to gain more experience before jumping into a certain sector, inexpensive housing is key.

As a Dot Dot Dot property guardian, your housing costs will be one third cheaper on average than private rental fees. We offer double rooms in Poplar, east London, from £475pcm-£572pcm and our 3-bed flats in Queen’s Park, north west London, are £895pcm for sole occupancy.

Find out how Dot Dot Dot has helped some of our property guardians benefit from flexible living, larger living spaces at low-cost prices, a bunch of new skills, and strong community connections.

Melody, Letchworth Garden City

Melody wasn’t intending to embark on a London hiatus, but when she stumbled upon our properties in Letchworth Garden City, she felt drawn to the leafy, pastoral town away from the capital. It was the perfect spot for developing her freelance writing and art career without committing to long-term change.

Melody says about the flexibility of guardianship: “Guardianship has meant that I can be flexible and test living somewhere new without the long-term commitment – I feel assured that when the time comes when I want to swap Letchworth for London, I can do so without trying to work my way out of a lengthy housing contract.

As I’m a freelance writer running a small e-commerce business selling digital and hand-made art, the affordability of living with Dot Dot Dot is important to me. Being a guardian has really helped me especially during the pandemic, in particular not having to pay high London prices and struggle because of it.”

Ed and Zoe, London

Ed and his partner, Zoe, became property guardians as a low-cost alternative to renting privately, which had become increasingly difficult to afford. Moving into a spacious Dot Dot Dot property in east London, meant that Ed was able to pursue his masters, while Zoe had the room to focus on her artwork.

Ed explains: “I started looking into property guardianship as I’d been renting privately in shared flats for a while which was expensive and I had a low paid job at the time. I really wanted my own space but I knew it had to be an affordable option at the same time.

Property guardianship has really helped me pursue further studies. My girlfriend, Zoe, is an illustrator and is able to use the extra space as her studio whilst I can have an office to work on my masters.

If we’d been renting privately, I know we wouldn’t have been able to live in such a convenient place near the underground and save money at the same time.”

Daneel, London

When Daneel moved to east London to become a Dot Dot Dot property guardian, he was encouraged to begin volunteering with Made In Hackney, a community cooking school delivering meals to local people in need of support.

Daneel reflects on how his volunteering has been the perfect way to build friendships and connect with his local neighbourhood: “This is my first time volunteering consistently. I’d been meaning to do it for such a long time and the fact that it’s part of my guardianship is great as it gave me the drive and encouragement I’d been waiting for. After my first session delivering food by bike, I was at ease cycling around London roads and really enjoyed it.

Now I know it makes me feel good, improves my mental health and enables me to meet different people. It’s been the best way to get my bearings and get to know my neighbourhood since moving in.”


Property guardianship for graduates

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