26 October 2018 | News and features | Back to Blog

Sunday Politics

BBC Sunday Politics London recently interviewed our founder, Katharine Hibbert, and Dot Dot Dot guardian, Eugene, as part of a report on the number of buildings lying empty in London, and some of the ways different organisations are putting temporarily vacant spaces to good use.

The interview focused on a recent study published by the Centre for London that estimated there are 24,400 empty commercial properties in the capital – a total vacant floorspace over 27 times the size of Westfield London – which could be transformed into pop up shops, community projects or temporary housing.

Dot Dot Dot’s unique approach to property guardianship prevents buildings from lying empty and provides an affordable housing solution for residents, whilst at the same time supporting local communities and charities. We have housed over 1,000 property guardians in empty properties that have been transformed into great places to live. Eugene, currently living in an old school in Croydon that is being turned into a new community centre next spring, has been a Dot Dot Dot guardian for the past 3 years says it has allowed him to save money and volunteer in the community.