The best way to keep a building secure? Keep it full of life

We think there’s nothing lonelier than an empty building draining vitality out of a neighborhood. It gradually deteriorates from weathering or intrusion; becomes a hotspot for rubbish and vermin; and creates a fire risk, either accidental or deliberate. It’s a headache for the owner of the building, and it’s a problem for those that live around it. That feels like a missed opportunity.

So at Dot Dot Dot, we suggest an easier, better way. Through our unique approach to property guardianship, we house socially-minded people in buildings that would otherwise stand empty. That means empty buildings are brought to life by people invested in the area, who are committed to taking care of the property, and interested in making a positive impact on their neighbours and communities. And it all just starts with an empty building.

We’re so impressed by the guardians we house, and the difference that they make around the UK – it’s time you were, too. We’ve been asking the property owners we work with to share their experience of working with us and our guardians; you can hear from them how our guardians have helped breathe new life into their properties whilst keeping them secure.

Know of an empty building that could be brought to life? Get in touch.