3 September 2014 | News and features | Back to Blog

The Bike Project

Our guardians are a busy bunch; giving their time, energy and skills to a multitude of projects and charities across London. We’re keen to promote the work of these great causes and ensure that everyone knows how they can help or get involved.

Guardians Felicity and Emily volunteer at the brilliant Bike Project in Hackney.  The team have one simple mission – to get refugees cycling. London is an expensive city and the cost of public transport rises on a yearly basis, even those on a steady wage struggle to afford pricey travel cards. If you’re a refugee in this country, fleeing persecution or atrocity, a lack of financial resources and access to transport can prevent you from accessing vital resources. A bike can change that. It can offer people the ability to travel to various appointments and services. It’s beneficial for your mental health and promotes regular exercise.

The Bike Project is a group of mechanics and volunteers, who take donations of second hand bikes, fix them up at their workshop and then donate them to refugees. All recipients get involved in the process and learn how to maintain and fix their new bike. They also run a separate project where they teach refugee women to cycle. The project not only provides disadvantaged members of the community with a valuable, and otherwise expensive, resource, but also teaches new and useful skills and reduces waste.

They’re a friendly bunch and anyone is welcome to volunteer at a workshop, no experience necessary. Mechanics are on hand to support and assist the group in fixing the second hand bikes. The workshops run Thursdays 6-9pm at 44 Marlborough Avenue, Hackney, E8 4JR. For more information, email info@thebikeproject.co.uk.

You can also support their work by donating a bike, they welcome donations from individuals, Housing Associations or public buildings that may have abandoned bikes, bike shops who need to get rid of bikes, etc.