The Thomas Crosbie PACE Foundation presents: Coldfire Festival

Next weekend, months of hard work and planning will culminate in the form of Coldfire Festival, created for the community by The Thomas Crosbie PACE Foundation. Set up in celebration of Thomas Kareem Crosbie’s life, the foundation has made his dream a reality, and developed a creative hub in east London where sport and the arts can be easily accessed by young people. The festival is a key component of honouring Thomas’ vision, and acts to promote wellbeing, up and coming young artists, and writing and sports workshops.

We touched base with a group of Dot Dot Dot guardians living in our Whitechapel property, who have been involved in the preparations, to find out how things are going, and how the festival’s social impact can be felt all year round.

The Festival will take place in Tower Hamlets on Sunday 14th July. It will see young people performing alongside professional artists and also include poetry and writing workshops, taster sports sessions, and a listening tent for young people to give them the space to talk.

We hope the impact of Coldfire Festival will continue beyond the day itself, introducing young people to the PACE community: a creative network that they can turn to for support; a network that will listen and not dismiss them; a network that encourages them to share their feelings and empowers them to express themselves and use their voices.

It’s made us more aware of issues that affect the local community, what’s needed and how we can help. Ultimately, it’s a chance to work together and make a difference in the area where we live.

Sign up to become a volunteer to support the running of the festival here! Entrance is free, so you can also register your space to attend on the day, and participate in the activities or chill out and soak up the atmosphere.