Where can I live with Dot Dot Dot?

Many of our properties are self-contained flats available for sole occupancy or to share with a partner or a friend. We also have some larger commercial properties such as former offices or residential homes. Take a look at our current properties to see the types that we have available.

How long are properties typically available for?

We protect properties for varying lengths of time, but typically our properties are available for 3-8 months. We rarely take on properties that are likely to be available for less than three months, and guardians can sometimes stay in properties for more than a year. However, as the notice period is 28 days, we can only guarantee the property will be available for 28 days at any time.

What condition are the properties in?

All of our properties are safe to live in, meet (and often exceed) minimum property standards and will have running water and electricity. They will, however, sometimes need a little cosmetic love with a good clean, a fresh coat of paint or a new floor covering. Our policy is to allow guardians to do this kind of cosmetic work themselves, rather than doing it for them, because this keeps prices down and lets guardians be creative.

We will always be clear at viewings about the specific condition of each property. Read about the standards we work to when providing housing to Dot Dot Dot property guardians.

Are the properties furnished?

Most of our properties are unfurnished and do not have white goods like ovens and fridges.

Rather than supplying these items ourselves, we ask guardians to source furniture and white goods because this keeps the prices we need to charge guardians down. Check out our tips for sourcing furniture on a budget.

Can I decorate?

In most of our properties, yes, as long as you don’t make any structural changes. Painting and putting up shelves is great, and you have the freedom to be creative. Take a look at these blogs where guardians have made their space a home.

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The steps to becoming a Dot Dot Dot property guardian

The first part of our application process is to attend one of our virtual introduction to Dot Dot Dot sessions. Once you've done so, you'll then be able to fill out our online application form.

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