25 April 2019 | News and features | Back to Blog

You and Yours

Dot Dot Dot founder, Katharine Hibbert, was recently interviewed on “You and Yours” on BBC Radio 4, where she talked about the benefits of property guardianship and our approach to providing safe, well-managed homes.

The feature includes the recent prosecution of a property guardian company for failure to obtain the correct licensing and breaching regulations. Katharine highlights that property guardianship can work well, providing safe and well-managed homes benefits not just guardians and property owners, but also the neighbourhoods in which they live.

“Empty properties are a wasted resource, so what we do at Dot Dot Dot is let people live in them, on a temporary and flexible basis, but in good, safe and comfortable conditions until the property owner needs the property back,” she told Melanie Abbott.

Through our unique approach to property guardianship, we house socially-minded people in buildings that would otherwise stand empty. We have housed thousands of property guardians in empty properties that have been transformed into great places to live. Find out more about the standards that we work to and our approach here.

You can listen to the whole story here from 26:19.