21 August 2017 | Making a Space a Home

Nigel’s DIY Adventures in Thamesmead Part 3 – A Way To Make an Entrance

This is the third part of our blog series about Nigel, our DIY superstar, in the Thamesmead / Abbey Wood area. In the first & second posts, he walked us through making the kitchen and living room much more cosy with low spend and a bit of effort. This time, he’s writing about how a… Read More

28 July 2017 | News and Features

BBC Right on the Money: ‘a way to find a big property with a small price tag’

Check out BBC’s Right on The Money episode featuring our property guardians (17 minutes in) Denise Lewis and Dom Littlewood were shown around our property in Sheffield by two of our guardians Michael and Ieva who are housed there. With rising rental rates, they discuss how property guardianship eases the financial pressure for renters and enables… Read More

29 June 2017 | News and Features

Dot Dot Dot’s view on the role of property guardianship on the London housing market – our response to London Assembly’s research on the sector

At Dot Dot Dot, we are glad that the London Assembly’s Housing Committee is conducting research into the role the property guardian sector plays in the capital’s housing market. We hope that the committee’s report will reflect the potential property guardianship has to provide good, safe, inexpensive housing to people who are able to be… Read More

12 June 2017 | The Dot Dot Dot Story

Looking back on six years of growth for Dot Dot Dot within a developing property guardian industry

Six years ago, when I launched Dot Dot Dot, the business was nothing but an idea and a lot of optimism, and the property guardian industry was a very different place from today. It has been exciting to watch both grow up, and I’m looking forward to developments on the horizon for Dot Dot Dot… Read More

9 June 2017 | News and Features

Partnering with U+I on their next ‘U+I Think’ event: Meanwhile Worthwhile Forever

Tickets were only made available a few days ago, but we’re delighted that there’s been such interest in the next ‘U+I Think’ event, which we are helping to organise in partnership with U+I. Only a few spaces remain. Book in now if you’d like to join us for an informal evening of drinks, networking and a… Read More

1 June 2017 | News and Features

The impact of the housing crisis on civil society

Here’s a summary of a talk on the harm the housing crisis does to civil society given by our founder Katharine Hibbert at a ‘Good Women’ event hosted at Notting Hill Housing and organised by Koreo. At Dot Dot Dot, we are keenly aware of the harm that the housing crisis is doing to individuals… Read More

25 May 2017 | Making a Space a Home

Nigel’s DIY Adventures in Thamesmead Part 2 – A Living Room

Dot Dot Dot | Affordable Housing | DIY | Thamesmead

This is the second part of our blog series about Nigel, our DIY superstar in the Thamesmead / Abbey Wood area. In the first part he guided us through how he made his kitchen more homely and appealing at low cost. This time round he’ll be writing about how he made his living room ‘a… Read More

15 May 2017 | Making a Space a Home

Nigel’s DIY Adventures in Thamesmead Part 1 – A Kitchen

Affordable Housing | Dot Dot Dot | DIY

This is the first in a series of blog posts about DIY by our guardian DIY expert, Nigel. Nigel has been a guardian in the Abbey Wood/Thamesmead area since January, and also happens to be a DIY superstar! He transformed his flat from blank canvas into a gorgeous DIY temple. This inspired us to turn… Read More

11 May 2017 | #Cosmohomemade

Cosmo ‘Home, Made’ Campaign Featured on BBC London News

Asad Ahmad visited the Clapham property where we are housing Cosmo readers as guardians. It was great to see Stephanie, Charlotte, Josephine, Simone and Kayleigh talk about their experiences: what they do, why they have become guardians and what difference they hope it’ll make to their lives. Amy Grier, Features Director of Cosmopolitan, has written… Read More

4 May 2017 | Making a Space a Home

Making Thamesmead Home – Chloe

As part of our blog series ‘Making a Space a Home’, one of our guardians in the Thamesmead/Abbey Wood area, Chloe, has written about the area and how she made her flat an amazing space. Read on for her musings on high rise living, prehistory, vinyl wallpaper and more. What I love about Thamesmead Thamesmead… Read More

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