What is a property guardian?

Property guardianship with Dot Dot Dot is an alternative way of life, free of many of the constraints of the conventional system. It’s ideal if you’re looking to save a bit of money, explore a new area, or become part of a community.

How property guardians differ to tenants

As a property guardian, you are not a tenant. You are housed as a licencee. There are some important differences:

  1. A 28 day notice period: The properties we managed are not owned by us. When a property owner’s building no longer needs security, we give guardians 28 days’ clear notice to leave the property. This can happen at any time, and we can only guarantee that a property is available for 28 days at a time.
  2. A move-on plan: Guardians must have viable alternative accommodation options for when we give them notice. We will not house anyone who could be put in a vulnerable situation when this happens. You will give us a ‘move-on’ plan when you first join and update this regularly while you are housed with us.
  3. Unannounced inspections: Guardians do not have exclusive possession of the property they live in. Our friendly field team visits the properties each month to carry out inspections.
During monthly inspections, I make sure the property is safe and habitable. It’s also a great way to stay in regular contact with our guardians and listen if they raise any concerns about the property."
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Waleed Hammad

Field Team Assistant

Dot Dot Dot guardians volunteer for good causes

Our aim is to improve lives in a housing crisis and create social value through the way we operate. Supporting the volunteering efforts of our guardians is one way we do this.

People who are socially-minded and conscientious – those who consistently volunteer for good causes –  are particularly suited to being property guardians, as they will look out for the building and their neighbours.

As a Dot Dot Dot guardian, you will volunteer for 16 hours each month. This can be for any cause and charity that you’re passionate about.

If you already volunteer, you can continue your volunteering or try something new. If you do not currently volunteer, you can still become a Dot Dot Dot guardian. We just want to see that you care about helping others.

Your responsibilities as a guardian

Being a property guardian comes with some extra responsibilities that you do not have as a tenant.

  • Provide live-in security
  • Tackle minor repairs
  • Report anti-social behaviour to us

The types of spaces you’ll look after

Dot Dot Dot manages different types of buildings: communal properties, self-contained flats or townhouses.

The buildings are most often owned by charities, housing associations, or local authorities and are usually in a transitional phase – awaiting demolition or refurbishment – which is why they need guardians to provide security.

This means that the buildings do not usually look as nice as private rental properties. Guardians tend to paint walls and put down floor coverings. The buildings are always safe and meet minimum property standards.

Dot Do Dot property guardian standing in their doorway.

How to become a property guardian

Before you view our properties, you'll need to complete our two-step application process.