Meet our guardians

Over 2000 people have decided to become Dot Dot Dot property guardians including nurses, teachers, students, cleaners, engineers, artists and actors. What unites each of them is a desire to improve lives – their own and their neighbours’ – through volunteering.

Two women sitting on a bench

Angelika, south east London

Angelika felt instantly drawn to Dot Dot Dot’s volunteer-based approach.

Living as a property guardian complements her work and lifestyle as a charity founder.

Find out more about her charity and how, for her, guardianship is free from the constraints of renting.

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Dennica, east London

Dennica was a guardian with us a few years ago – and has recently returned to live in Poplar.

A creative person, she’s been finding great joy in living in a spacious property alone.

Find out what drew her back to guardianship.

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Clive, Letchworth

Clive’s lived in Letchworth before, but this time he’s trying a different way of living as a property guardian.

He’s found great meaning through his monthly volunteering teaching music, and taking care of the building he secures in the town centre.

Find out how he first came across Dot Dot Dot and what he loves about the community of guardians he’s in.

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Start your guardian application

The first step to becoming a Dot Dot Dot guardian is to join one of our introductory online sessions. You’ll learn whether the lifestyle could suit you, and how to volunteer.
Guardian in Queen's Park standing outside the building.