Generating Social Value With Your Empty Building

Taking Positive Action With Vacant Properties

Managing empty buildings is an essential part of the real estate sector but vacant properties can have a major impact on the surrounding community. 

The changes that occur to the physical infrastructure during the ‘vacant time period’ are often all too visible, but the disruption to existing communities can often be less obvious, yet just as powerful. But it needn’t be that way. By working in partnership with Dot Dot Dot you are able to take positive action to address these challenges.

Whether waiting for redevelopment or disposal our mission is to turn your vacant property (residential or commercial) into a positive ‘meanwhile use’ and ‘local community experience’ whilst also contributing to your sustainability goals.

An Innovative CSR Strategy

Property owners and developers continue to invest time and resources to generate social value through projects that improve community connections and involvement as well as charitable giving and volunteering.

However, an opportunity that is regularly overlooked is the ability to create social value with an empty building!

Making a Difference

Our guardians are carefully selected and will not only ensure your property is safe and secure from dereliction and all it’s associated issues, they will also become valued neighbours to local residents – preventing anti social behaviour and often stemming social isolation. In doing so they are able to help retain a sense of identity and encourage a sense of pride and community spirit during the transition phase – something that should not be underestimated.

Through their regular volunteering (all must commit to a minimum of 16 hours per month) you will create stronger ties with the local community and with our regular monthly reporting on volunteering you will be able to quantify the hours ‘donated’ to charity and recognize the positive impact these volunteers have down on the ground.   From working with older people or children to sports, conservation and arts & culture – you’re guardians will be making a difference.

Plus, by creating a ‘meanwhile use’, you are enabling a temporary, and affordable housing option for people to live, work and volunteer in the area.

Values Driven Partnership

Our strong, ethical and well-governed structure has enabled us to work successfully from inner-city estates to home-counties villages, and in everything from office blocks to stand-alone houses with all sorts of owners. We’ve proven that our approach doesn’t just work with one kind of property owner, one kind of guardian or one kind of neighbourhood. And whilst we have flexed our methods to suit local needs, our overall approach has stayed the same – and, it works because of our values not despite.

Case Study: Partnering with Red Kite Community Housing

During 2016 we have worked with Red Kite Community Housing and placed over 40 guardians into properties in High Wycombe. This particular partnership has a two-fold mission – to oversee building security and to strengthen community amongst the remaining residents of a complex, late stage, sheltered accommodation transition.

As such, our guardians were specifically chosen due to their commitment to and confidence in befriending order people as well as their ability to tackle anti-social behaviour. Consequently they have not only integrated well with the remaining residents but by the end of 2016 our guardians will achieve the equivalent of 4+ years of full-time work in local volunteering. To learn more about this successful partnership please watch the video.

Dot Dot Dot is a social enterprise with a big idea at its heart – to solve the needs of three distinct groups for the benefit of all.

We’d love to share our experiences in helping organisations maximise their CSR opportunities.

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