What to do if you are unhappy with our service

At Dot Dot Dot we work hard to ensure you are happy with our service. Whether you are an existing guardian, someone interested in becoming a guardian – or indeed one of our clients with a building under our management – I’m pleased to say that in almost all situations, we solve things quickly and fully the first time you ask.

I’m fully aware that standards in the property guardian industry for property guardians themselves have a questionable reputation. The general view can be that property guardian companies act in ways that might be unfair. I’m determined that Dot Dot Dot does things differently, and to the highest possible standards at all time. I want Dot Dot Dot to act ethically, and to treat everyone we interact with fairly at all times, and to ensure we have the highest standards as we go about our work. All of my team are committed to providing this standard of service, and our complaints process is a way to ensure we can hear your feedback, understand it, investigate it appropriately and to get back to you with our findings.

I’m very proud of the service we provide but if we don’t quite hit the mark for you, for whatever reason, then my team would like to hear your feedback. That way, we can understand what went wrong and put changes in place to ensure we get it right and it stays right.

To make it easy to share your feedback you can send us your concerns immediately using our dedicated complaints form or, if you prefer you can e-mail or write to us.

When you contact us to make a complaint we’ll conduct a review and then let you know what we’ll be doing to resolve it for you. Our commitment is to resolve your complaint in full and as quickly as we can.

If you would like to know more about how we handle complaints, please read our complaints process. This outlines the steps you can take to share any issues with us, and more importantly, it explains what we will do and how we will keep you informed as we work to sort it out.


Peter Brown, Chief Executive


Complaints process

Stage 1: Informal stage: Speak to a member of the Dot Dot Dot team

If you are unsatisfied, please raise it with the member of staff who you are dealing with, so that they can try and resolve it. This way, we aim to understand your perspective, and where we can, work to resolve your complaint at the time of your first contact. A record of your dissatisfaction will be made on our database of any conversations that take place, any correspondence and resolutions reached.

If we need to collect further information or investigate the issues further, we will keep in touch with you regularly so you know what we are doing to answer your complaint.

Stage 2: Review stage

If you are unsatisfied with our response at Stage 1, please contact complaints@dotdotdotproperty.com (or write to us at our office address) with a written summary of why you remain unsatisfied, along with your full name and contact details. It’s helpful if you can also state what resolution you are seeking.

A complaint at Stage 2 will be acknowledged by one of Dot Dot Dot’s management team within two working days and an investigation will be undertaken. A written summary of investigations and steps taken will be sent to you within ten further working days. If for any reason we need further time, we will get in touch with you to let you know.

Stage 3: Final Review stage

If you still remain dissatisfied and wish to further escalate your complaint, you may then write to Dot Dot Dot’s Chief Executive.

Your complaint will be acknowledged by Dot Dot Dot’s Chief Executive within two working days, who will then undertake a full review of your complaint. Following these further investigations, the Chief Executive will detail their findings and recommendations in a written response within ten working days. This will constitute Dot Dot Dot’s final view on the issue.

Stage 4: Review by an independent Redress Scheme

If you still remain unsatisfied after receiving Dot Dot Dot’s final viewpoint letter, you can contact The Property Ombudsman which operates an independent Redress Scheme.

The Property Ombudsman is an independent body set up to protect consumers from unfair practice. The government-approved scheme provides a free and impartial service to resolve disputes between property agents and consumers fairly.

In the event that you remain unsatisfied with Dot Dot Dot’s final viewpoint, you will need to contact The Property Ombudsman after eight weeks of receiving Dot Dot Dot’s final viewpoint letter but not more than 12 months after receiving the final viewpoint letter. Please also note that The Property Ombudsman requires that complaints are heard and addressed through Dot Dot Dot’s in-house Complaints Procedure first.

The Property Ombudsman can be contacted as follows:


01722 333306