Dot Dot Dot’s Quality Management System Policy

It is the policy of Dot Dot Dot Property Ltd that all our activities are carried out in accordance with our Quality Management System.

Dot Dot Dot’s Quality Management System manual sets out all the procedures and associated documents to manage and control our activities and is available to all employees and contractors. This manual ensures that we are meeting our quality objectives. Our quality objectives are determined by management and reviewed regularly by staff.

Dot Dot Dot is committed to achieving:

  1. High levels of customer satisfaction for both property owners and guardians
  2. Continuous improvement of our Quality Management Systems
  3. Total compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  4. Tangible and measurable social impact through the volunteering we support and in the communities in which we operate
  5. High levels of employee satisfaction and a high-performing team and business culture
  6. Sustainable growth in our business, commensurate with ensuring the services we provide remain high quality
  7. Positive reputation in the housing, empty property and regeneration sectors as a competent service deliverer and innovative partner organisation.

In order to achieve this, we have the following systems in place:

  1. KPIs and management information dashboards
  2. Regular gathering, monitoring and analysis of customer feedback
  3. A customer complaints procedure
  4. Continuous improvement and non-conformity processes
  5. Selection and performance monitoring of external suppliers against set criteria
  6. Training and development for our employees
  7. Regular audits of our internal processes
  8. Measurable quality objectives which reflect our business aims
  9. Regular management reviews of audit results, customer feedback, complaints and performance of the quality management system

Dot Dot Dot recognises the importance of the quality of our service, to property owners, guardians and other stakeholders, for the reputation, strength and future of our business.

Quality is a degree of excellence, which is ever changing. We operate in a young, unestablished sector, and one that experiences some negative reputational issues from time to time. Though the Chief Executive has ultimate responsibility for quality, all employees have a responsibility within their own areas of work and are actively involved in managing how we can continue to improve.

This quality policy statement has been integrated into our management systems and will be reviewed at regular intervals.