Our mission

Our purpose

We exist to provide housing for people who want to volunteer their time for good causes. 

Property guardianship with purpose means property owners get better security and flexibility, guardians get affordable, well-managed homes so they can focus on what really matters to them, and communities get neighbours who use their extra time and energy to give back. 

Our vision

A society where people have the time and energy to give back to communities and causes they care about. 

Our values

When working with our clients, guardians and our colleagues we:

  • Hold ourselves to high standards 
  • Are fair and straightforward
  • Have a positive and optimistic outlook
  • Care about the impact our work has on our clients, stakeholders and ourselves

Our decision-making principles

When making decisions at all scales, we work through the following hierarchy, only moving on to the next step once the current one is satisfied.  In our case, the principles are: 

  • Act ethically and with integrity
  • Be a sustainable business
  • Create social impact
  • Going above and beyond for our stakeholders
  • Growth

Hear more about our decision-making process from our founder, Katharine Hibbert.