We hold ourselves to high standards

We get the basics right.

We pay attention to client, stakeholder and colleagues’ needs and go the extra mile to help if possible.

We persevere with difficult but important tasks, and we are willing to work outside our comfort zone when we can see it is needed.

We have clear systems but allow space for creative problem-solving and innovation.

We proactively question how and why we do things so that we can continue to improve.

We pull together as a team and help each other to get the job done.


We are fair and straightforward

We work hard to build positive, respectful working relationships.

We are transparent about what we do and why.

We are consistent and reliable.

We are open to feedback, questions and challenge from within and without.


We have a positive and optimistic outlook

We celebrate achievement and effort, and acknowledge the extraordinary.

In challenging times we remain upbeat and seek the best possible outcome.

We are cheerful communicators – on the phone, by email and in person.

We look for opportunities to do the little things that make a difference.

We make an active effort to ensure that our office is a cheerful, welcoming and healthy place to be.


We care about the impact our work has on our clients, stakeholders and ourselves

We are in business to make a positive difference to individuals and communities.

We shape our service around the needs of those who use it.

We take active steps to build community and encourage neighbourliness.

We assume the best in people and recognise that we all make mistakes and go through hard times.

We foster a supportive working environment and maintain a good work-life balance.