28 November 2023 | The Dot Dot Dot story

How to scale a social enterprise: get organised, focus on culture, and make yourself redundant

When I started working on Dot Dot Dot 13 years ago, I didn’t do it because I particularly wanted to run a business. I did it to solve twin problems – the severe lack of inexpensive housing in many parts of the UK, alongside the existence of thousands of empty buildings.  Today, using buildings that would otherwise be empty to create good value homes for people who volunteer is still my daily motivation. 

Improving life in the community, from day one

By working with Dot Dot Dot, you can start to make good on your objective of improving places and the lives of those in the community now, far ahead of your projects completion. Bringing in our socially-minded, proactive, warm and creative guardians not only ensures the safety of your buildings, it enriches the community throughout the life of your project, in a whole world of ways. 

Tenant satisfaction, and what it means for you

In April 2023, the government introduced its Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) in an attempt to raise standards in the social housing sector. We have had our own robust ‘tenant’ satisfaction measures in places since the beginning, and are proud of how they serve both guardians and property owners. On average our guardians score their experience 4.28/5. 

3 October 2023 | Guardian stories, Volunteering

The Tree of Life: movement, dance and creativity in Thamesmead

Property guardian and community, dance, movement, thamesmead festival, abbey wood, property guardian

Property guardian, dancemaker and lifelong creative, Melissa has been putting roots down in Thamesmead where we have a longstanding community of guardians. After performing at the annual Thamesmead festival, we caught up with Melissa about her passion for dance and event sponsorship from Dot Dot Dot.  A journey to self-actualisation A self-described neurodivergent dancer and… Read More

5 September 2023 | The Dot Dot Dot story

Three questions would-be social entrepreneurs should ask

Looking to establish your own social enterprise? Here are Dot Dot Dot founder, Katharine Hibbert’s, top three questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re on the right path to sustainability in the long-term – while enjoying the ride along the way.

Everything you need to know about our new property guardian flats in north-west London

flats in north-west London, property guardian flat, social enterprise, flats in Queen's Park

Dot Dot Dot has worked with Brent Council for a number of years now, turning their empty buildings into inexpensive accommodation for property guardians. We currently manage 23 flats in north-west London owned by Brent. In recent months, we’ve been working behind the scenes to take on many more flats in a Brent block that’s… Read More

15 August 2023 | Property management

Ensuring safety around asbestos

Our mission is to get people housed, which sometimes means not shying away from problems that might make other property managers wince. As Asbestos is present in a majority of buildings built between the 1950s and the 1980s, having a robust and proactive approach to its management is key to maximising the number of guardians we can house and the number of property owners we can help. 

10 July 2023 | Guardian stories, Volunteering

Thamesmead is funny: Bringing comedy to the community

Thamesmead is funny, community engagement, comedy

When Bea moved to Thamesmead to become a Dot Dot Dot guardian she was keen to meet new people and become an active member of the community. But she quickly noticed a lack of community engagement and local events for adults. Until she took matters into her own hands. Thamesmead is Funny A lover of… Read More

29 June 2023 | Property management

Raising the bar for property maintenance and repairs

When we talk about our mission to get people housed, we don’t just mean the provision of an affordable home. We believe that for individuals to thrive, their home needs to feel safe and looked after.

28 June 2023 | News and features

Social enterprise – a Cambridge conversation

Dot Dot Dot founder, Katharine Hibbert, recently took part in a Cambridge University panel discussion on the importance of social entrepreneurship in solving some of the urgent problems facing us today. The panel discuss the growth in interest in social enterprises, their influence on society and the economy, and their advice to those who have ambitions to embark on their own social venture.

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