Sheltered and Supported Housing

Dot Dot Dot’s property guardians are responsible, sensitive neighbours

As the only property guardian company that is a social enterprise we have a long track record of working with housing associations and other social housing providers. We are experienced and specialise in working in complex sheltered and supported housing schemes.

Our property guardians are able to live alongside residents in a variety of sheltered schemes. This provides additional benefits to both owners and residents.

Key benefits to working with Dot Dot Dot in sheltered housing

We carefully select guardians who are committed to their communities and make friendly, fun and helpful neighbours. This has a real positive impact on residents.
Many of our guardians choose to concentrate their volunteering efforts where they live, so residents can benefit directly from the hours they donate.
Dot Dot Dot guardians reliably report antisocial behaviour and repairs and are additional eyes and ears within sheltered schemes, supporting housing managers to keep residents safe and secure.
Our solution always balances the needs of both residents and development plans, which can continue as normal and we pride ourselves on our flexibility, adapting to the particular needs of each scheme.

Case Study: Women’s Pioneer Housing

Guardians lived alongside remaining tenants awaiting major works on the property

The property:
Mary Flux Court provides a sheltered housing scheme that gives older tenants the choice to remain with Women’s Pioneer Housing, but also have the support of an onsite warden and scheme manager.

The situation:
Women’s pioneer had ambitious plans to carry out major works to increase the properties’ capacity. They decided to house guardians in the empty flats instead of securing them using metal screens.

Key considerations:
Due to the unique situation at Mary Flux Court we established a new agreement with Guardians. In addition to the regular licence and rules, guardians who moved in were briefed on and signed up to additional responsibilities. This included focusing a significant portion of their volunteering hours to residents.

“It’s a win-win situation for us! We didn’t want the flats to look empty in case someone vandalised or squatted them. Instead we handed over the flats to Dot Dot Dot. They looked after them well and also made themselves very useful locally.”
Christine, Housing Director, Women’s Pioneer Housing

“It’s been an honour to get to know the incredible women of Mary Flux Court and hear the everyday magic behind Women’s Pioneer Housing.”
Diana, Dot Dot Dot Guardian, Mary Flux Court

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Impact on residents:
In the first three months seven guardians volunteered 236 hours with local residents. Activities included:

  • IT drop-in support sessions
  • Gardening
  • Social events such as knitting and film clubs

“Having you all here is a brilliant idea. It livens everything up. My brain is still working [and] needs stimulation and a bit of novelty, which you guys provide.”
Resident at Mary Flux Court in a letter to guardians

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When Women’s Pioneer Housing were ready to move on with their major works plans, the properties were handed back with 30 days notice, on time and in good condition.

Dot Dot Dot is a social enterprise with a big idea at its heart – to solve the needs of three distinct groups for the benefit of all. In Mary Flux Court we were able to provide a high quality security service to the property owner, have a positive impact on local residents and provide affordable housing to people who volunteer.

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