The benefits

We deliver benefits far beyond just empty property security. Our commitment to achieving social value in the areas where we work benefits our clients, the guardians we house and the local communities in which they live. Our extensive experience in a variety of contexts has proven that we provide effective empty property security because of our commitment to social value, not in spite of it.  

Empty property security

We select only the most responsible people to become guardians with us and look after your empty properties. 12 years of experience of housing people who volunteer for good causes has proved that conscientious, socially-minded people make the best guardians.

High quality building maintenance and management

We enforce minimum property standards and conduct comprehensive monthly inspections so we can quickly identify and deal with issues – giving you peace of mind.

Financial savings

Our service can save owners on council tax, utilities, repairs and maintenance costs. It is also much more affordable than traditional empty property security services.


We can mobilise properties and guardians quickly, and require just 30 days’ notice to hand an asset back. This means we can work around your plans, even when they change, and you don’t have to make long-term commitments.

Social value

All our property guardians commit to volunteering a minimum of 16 hours a month for a range of good causes, delivering social impact and value for the community. Since we started in 2011, our guardians have contributed the equivalent of £5.4 million to good causes.

Stakeholder relationship management and corporate social responsibility (CSR)

To ensure the sensitive handling of meanwhile projects, we support relationships with stakeholders, including neighbours, the wider community and planning authorities. We can also offer tailored CSR support on communicating social impact, so you can spread the word too. 

Economic regeneration

From boosting local businesses to running their own, our guardians are an asset to their local communities beyond just the voluntary work they contribute. They also increase footfall and boost economic development in areas like Poplar in east London and Thamesmead in south east London.

“Dot Dot Dot really has a stake in this community. Their determination to house people who want to be a part of and give back to the community where they are guardians, makes such a big difference to all who live in those areas.”

Ted Ricketts

Community Investment Manager, Red Kite Community Housing