The steps to securing your property with guardians

We manage a varied portfolio of properties and the clients we work with are just as varied. With that in mind, we know that taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not deliver the best results. We can call upon our previous experience across a variety of projects, and work closely with our clients to create a tailored management plan that suits their specific needs. To discuss whether property guardianship is right for your property, get in touch with a member of our team.

1. Visit the property

A member of our team visits the site to determine your specific needs, inspect the property and discuss potential occupation and management plans.

2. Agree a plan

If the property is suitable for property guardianship, we will make a proposal detailing the set-up work required, timescales, finances and how we will manage the site. If agreed, legal and contractual agreements are signed.

3. Set up the property

Health and safety checks are carried out, in accordance with our minimum property standards and our compliance system. We always ensure the property is brought to the necessary standard prior to housing any guardians.

4. Vet and select guardians

We are proud of our selection process, which makes sure only the most responsible and conscientious people become guardians with us. Rigorous vetting of each applicant ensures we find the right people to secure your property.

“Our experience with the guardians has been very positive. Once the void properties have been accepted there is very little involvement from our side. Having the guardians in the void properties has given us the peace of mind we needed whilst preparing to redevelop the estate.”

Fiona Taylor

Intensive Neighbourhood Manager, A2 Dominion

5. Secure the property

Our carefully selected guardians move into the property.

6. Manage the property and the guardians

Each guardian has a dedicated relationship coordinator, who checks in with them regularly. Routine, detailed inspections of the property and proactive guardians allow us to quickly identify and correct issues early.

7. Reporting and communications

We will keep you updated on the property, the guardians and our social impact, and provide regular reports tailored to your requirements.

8. Vacant possession

When you need your property back, we will manage the guardians’ departures within 30 days