Who we work with

We have worked with a diverse client portfolio over the last decade, including local authorities, housing associations, charities, public bodies and private developers. Our commitment to social value has also enabled us to collaborate with other meanwhile use providers, trusts and charities across England in line with our clients’ social aims and objectives.


Property Guardians Living in Places Going Through Regeneration

Since 2011 we have delivered “meanwhile residential use” in areas undergoing regeneration. During times of change, our property guardians retain a sense of community and they contribute to wider placemaking efforts.

Property Guardians Living in Development Sites

Much more than an alternative to conventional security. We understand that timeframes are fixed and important. Moreover, our service can be a way for developers to demonstrate that they are responsible stewards of assets.

Property Guardians in Commercial Properties

Our service also works in properties which were not originally intended for residential use. Property guardians can live in commercial properties, providing security and mitigating business rates while in occupation.

Property Guardians Living Alongside Residents in Sheltered and Supported Housing Schemes

Dot Dot Dot property guardians are responsible, sensitive people who are able to live alongside residents in a variety of sheltered schemes. Our approach based on quality and social impact makes us uniquely suited to these contexts.