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Application Form

This application form will give us a lot of information to help us understand if property guardianship with Dot Dot Dot is right for you. The form asks some key details about you, as well as your financial suitability and what your volunteering interests are. It will take 10-15 minutes to complete, and cannot be saved and returned to - so please set aside this time to complete in one sitting.

Please note that as part of the application process we will ask you to upload:
  • a copy of your passport (or ID card)
  • a copy of your visa (if applicable)
  • a profile photo
  • your previous three months’ bank statements. 
We suggest that you have these ready when you begin completing your application as we will need them to take your application forward.

We will review your application as soon as possible, usually within two working days. A member of the team will be in touch directly so they can clarify any details or get you booked on to the most relevant viewings.

We collect, process and store the information you provide on this form in order to assess your suitability as a guardian and contact you about living with Dot Dot Dot. We analyse information to understand patterns in applications and to help us judge whether our services are accessible. Your personal information will be stored securely and is processed and shared in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act. For more information on how Dot Dot Dot manages your data see our Privacy Policy.

By ticking this box, you confirm that you consent to Dot Dot Dot Property Ltd retaining your information in line with our Privacy Notice. (Please note: If you do not consent to our processing of your information we will be unable to process your application.)

About you

We use this data to understand patterns in applications and to help us judge whether our services are accessible. We do not use individual information of this nature in any decision and there are extra safeguards in place for how this information is collected and used.

As per passport/ID

As per passport/ID

How would you like us to address you?

Select multiple by holding the shift key.

US format MM/DD/YYYY

This should include your head and shoulders, shot against a blank background. Please face forwards, look straight at the camera and feel free to smile! Should you be housed with us, we will use this photo to verify your identity. We may also ask to use your photo for marketing purposes but will always ensure we have your permission first.

We use this data to understand patterns in applications. We do not use this information to make decisions about whether to offer housing. If you currently live outside the UK, please leave blank.

We require a government-issued photographic ID that is currently valid, either:

  • Valid passport
  • National identity card
  • Photocard Driving Licence AND birth certificate (driving licence must be full or provisional ensuring both the photograph and the entitlement to drive are within date). Note, we cannot accept a driving licence only, it must be accompanied by a copy of your birth certificate. Use the extra box below if needed for the second form of ID.

For driving licence or birth certificate only.

Please enter 'Yes' or 'No' with any relevant details.

Please list first and last name only

Your Housing Preferences 

We use the information in this section to make sure that we contact you about the properties that will be most suitable for you.

The more flexible you are about where you are willing to live and your timescale for moving, the more likely we are able to match you with a property.

We want to create safe, thriving communities in our shared properties and vet all potential guardians carefully.

Your chances of being matched to a property are higher if you can move quickly.

In all of our properties you could receive 28 days notice at any point, although on average we have properties under management for around 6-12 months. If you are particularly interested in staying somewhere for a short period (i.e. 3 months or less), tick yes.

We treat everyone as individual applicants who pay individual fees, even if you are a couple, so please select as appropriate and enter the email address(es) of those you are planning to live with and we'll send them a link to get their application started.

Your Financial Situation

As a Dot Dot Dot property guardian, you will need to pay a refundable security payment (the equivalent of five weeks' fees), a licence fee of between £300 and £900 per month (depending on the location and property), plus utilities and council tax in most cases.

If you will be using savings for your licence fee, we suggest that you have at least six months’ worth of savings at the point of signing your licence agreement.

We ask for this at this stage to verify the information you have given above. Should you be matched with a property, we will ask you to submit your most recent bank statements again at that point. Please upload as one file if you can. If you need more boxes - see below.

Your employment information is critical for us if you’re going to become a Dot Dot Dot property guardian. We are aware this is sensitive information and handle it accordingly. If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at

Please note that if you are not in permanent employment we may require an additional three months of bank statements.

Please add more information here if you answered 'Other' above, or if you have a second employment status eg. you are also a student whilst working part time.

If student or unemployed, please write N/A

If student or unemployed, please write N/A


If student or unemployed, please write N/A.

You are a key worker if you are employed in the following sectors: healthcare, social care, education and childcare, key public services, government (local or national), food and necessary goods, law enforcement and security, transport and logistics, energy and utilities, information technology and telecommunications, and financial services.

We need to know your employment history from the last three years. If you have changed jobs once or more in that time, please select yes.

This should be your most recent previous role.







Your move on plan

During your time as a guardian, we ask you to keep us updated on your move-on plan, should we need to give you 28 days’ notice to move out. We always try to re-house our guardians where possible, but we cannot guarantee this. An up-to-date move-on plan keeps us informed of what your plans would be should we give you notice.

E.g. private rental, other guardianships, move in with family/ friends.

Your Volunteering Interests

By providing you with safe, well-managed and affordable homes, we can help you to free up some of your time and energy and spend it leading the life you want to live and contributing to causes you care about.

All Dot Dot Dot property guardians volunteer for at least 16 hours a month for a good cause of their choice while they are housed with us. This can be something you do already or something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the opportunity.

If you want to find out more about what are defined as charitable causes, click here.

And finally...

We know you have already answered this question at the quiz stage, but we need to reconfirm your answer in case your situation has changed. If you answer yes and have not previously provided details, we will be in touch to ask you for this and we ask that you provide full and truthful information.

We will not contact your references until you have formally expressed interest in a property. If you have your references to hand you can provide them now, or at a later date.