Housing generous and motivated people who are excited by the prospect of volunteering for good causes is central to our mission as a social enterprise.

Since we housed our first guardian in 2011, our guardians have collectively given time worth £5.4m to good causes – the equivalent of one person working full-time for more than 238 years.

We look forward to housing and supporting even more caring, community-focused people over the next decade.

Why do you require your guardians to volunteer?

As a social enterprise, part of our mission is to create social value through the way we operate. Supporting the volunteering efforts of our guardians is the way we do that.

Also, people who are socially-minded and conscientious – those who consistently volunteer for good causes –  are particularly suited to being property guardians, as they will look out for the building and their neighbours.

What are the benefits of volunteering for guardians?

We place high importance on attracting good people and the attention to detail in our application process means that our property guardians are community-focused and like-minded individuals. Strong friendships and communities are created by Dot Dot Dot guardians.

Volunteering also has a significant positive difference on the lives of people who undertake it. You can learn new skills, build new connections, or find a new focus.

Do I have to be volunteering already?

No, not all of our guardians come to us with a previous volunteering experience or a set idea of what they want to be involved in. All we ask is that you are committed to starting, and we will give you help and support to find an opportunity.

If you already volunteer, that’s great. We don’t ask you to start any new roles, and we love to hear from people who are already making a positive social impact and are looking for  inexpensive housing.

How will I get started with my volunteering?

We understand that volunteering can often feel daunting when you’re first starting out. If you’re eager to do good but feel unsure in your pursuit of opportunities, our dedicated volunteering assistant will be able to provide you with resources and guidance to help you to find a suitable organisation or cause.

Discover volunteering stories from our guardian community over on our blog. You can also find out how to become a property guardian by reading our step-by-step guide.


Discover the benefits of Dot Dot Dot guardianship

Did you know that Dot Dot Dot guardianship can help you develop meaningful connections with your community, gain freedom to pursue your personal goals and explore the possibility of living in an exciting new location? Learn more about the benefits of property guardianship with Dot Dot Dot.

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