Minimum property standards

Health and safety in our properties is of vital importance to us, our client and our property guardians. The buildings we manage will be at a standard that meets or exceeds legally required standards, and maintained in this condition whilst the property is under our management.

To house people, we require the following minimum property standards to be in place:

  • Structurally sound, free of environmental hazards and is otherwise safe to access and enter (including the surrounding communal walkways, lobbies etc.)
  • Weathertight
  • Doors, windows and other access (including internal fittings) are functional, safe and secure and meet any relevant fire safety standards
  • Have a satisfactory EICR dated within the last three years, that the condition of the installation matches the report, and that electrical fuses are present
  • Have a gas safety certificate dated within the last twelve months showing the safety of the gas installations at the property and that the condition of the installations is not changed
  • Have safe access and connection to utilities
  • Substantially clean and clear (i.e. all large items and refuse removed) with the exception of white goods in usable condition
  • Curtains, blinds and carpets to be left in place if in good condition
  • Working fittings/plumbing to include: kitchen sink, bath and/or shower, bathroom washbasin, toilet – all with relevant taps/fittings in place. All require cold water supply. Kitchen sink and bath/shower must have working supply of hot water (boiler, tank or point-heated)
  • Have at least two complete sets of keys.