Clive, Letchworth

Guardian in the kitchen holding a cup of tea.

Clive’s lived in Letchworth before, but this time he’s trying a different way of living as a property guardian.

He’s found great meaning through his monthly volunteering teaching music, and taking care of the building he secures in the town centre.

Find out how he first came across Dot Dot Dot and what he loves about the community of guardians he’s in.

Music obsessed and community-minded, Clive currently lives in lovely Letchworth as a property guardian. He tells us how he first heard about Dot Dot Dot, what piqued his interest, and why he loves being a guardian.

“When I first came across Dot Dot Dot on Spareroom, it presented me with the opportunity to live alone which was exciting,” Clive exclaims. “The application process was straightforward; I was moved in a matter of weeks after I attended the property viewing.”

“Letchworth is just brilliant. It’s a quaint, little place full of nice people. There’s a lot to do: country walks, art exhibitions, live music, community based books clubs. My flat is in the town centre so I’ve got great coffee spots and charity shops on my doorstep.”

“There’s a number of flats in this building which are all occupied by Dot Dot Dot guardians,” Clive explains. “Being a guardian is about being responsible for the property you’re in. We take great pride in taking care of the building.”

“Everyone here is really different, each with their own stories and interests. But it’s not insular and there’s a real feeling of comradery. We look out for each other, sharing local events and volunteering tips.”

“Volunteering is another thing about guardianship with Dot Dot Dot that’s massively rewarding,” Clive goes on. “I volunteer by teaching children how to mix music and spin discs. Music is my passion, and I enjoy sharing that with the kids.”

There’s so many benefits to being a guardian with Dot Dot Dot: it’s easy on the pocket, you get to decorate how you like, and you’re part of a community that cares about leaving the world a better place.
Guardian in the kitchen holding a cup of tea.


Guardian in Letchworth