Dennica, east London

Dot Dot Dot guardian walking in front of block of flats.

Dennica was a guardian with us a few years ago – and has recently returned to live in Poplar. A creative person, she’s been finding great joy in living in a spacious property alone.

Find out what drew her back to guardianship.

Dennica first became a Dot Dot Dot property guardian in 2018 and moved back into the private rental market when the time came for her to leave. When a guardian property became available in Poplar, close to where she grew up, Dennica decided to join Dot Dot Dot once again.

“Property guardianship is very different from renting,” Dennica explains. “Being a guardian has allowed me to live alone in a really spacious property. As a creative person it’s really important for me to be in love with my surroundings and have space to create.”

“The property I’m currently taking care of is fantastic. I have a room dedicated to my creative things, a room dedicated to my clothes, a bedroom, separate living room and a kitchen. All for less money than I’d pay renting a room in London. It’s not permanent, but for now, it’s my little paradise.”

“I was drawn back to guardianship with Dot Dot Dot because there’s a real community feel. Many guardians in this area are part of a WhatsApp group – we’re always chatting and giving each other advice about where to volunteer or fixing things around the flat.”

“The staff at Dot Dot Dot are also really wonderful. There was an issue with the hot water when I first moved in, and they sent out someone to fix it the next day. As a guardian, you have a responsibility to take care of the building you occupy, but you also feel taken care of by Dot Dot Dot.”

I’m always recommending guardianship to family and friends. It’s an amazing way to live in an amazing building.
Dot Dot Dot guardian walking in front of block of flats.


Guardian in Poplar