How we work with charities and trusts

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All of our guardians volunteer for at least 16 hours per month, which makes us uniquely suited to work alongside charities and trusts. Beyond caring for the property, we can direct our guardians towards our clients’ voluntary projects and help support existing residents.

Case study: Women’s Pioneer Housing, Acton

Outside of block of flats in Acton. Grey skies

Client: Women’s Pioneer Housing
Project type: commercial
Property type: a women only social housing estate
Duration: 1 year
Guardians: 8
Properties: 7
Inspections: 61
Client savings: > £26,500
Social impact: > 508 hours of volunteering, or the equivalent of > £7.8k worth of social value

Women’s Pioneer Housing is a social housing provider for women. With a rich feminist history and over a century of experience, they are a leading voice for women’s housing, and actively work to highlight gender inequality in the sector.

Having worked successfully with us in the past, Women’s Pioneer Housing appointed Dot Dot Dot a second time as their live-in security provider for a property awaiting redevelopment. We were excited to contribute to the impact Women’s Pioneer Housing has on the lives of women as we worked closely in line with their mission.

Our guardians loved living in the empty units we managed, and completed a significant amount of volunteering. Over 500 hours of our guardians’ time were dedicated to good causes including rescuing surplus fresh food with City Harvest London, working to end violence against women and girls with African, women-led organisation, Forward UK, as well as direct involvement with local neighbours in the area.

We handed all units back as requested at the end of September 2023 in good order, and four of the seven guardians were rehoused in other Dot Dot Dot properties.

As a women’s housing provider, we don’t want to have a half empty building. Safety and security is really important to our tenants particularly because they are women. So, we wanted to work with a reputable property guardianship organisation that would help to keep our building occupied and keep a sense of community.
Outside of block of flats in Acton. Grey skies

Jess Page

Director of Housing and Board Member, Women’s Pioneer Housing

Guardian standing outside in front of red brick building.

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