From commercial buildings to residential flats, we have gained over ten years of experience in a range of contexts, working closely and building long standing relationships with local authorities.

Case study: London Borough of Brent, Queen’s Park

External view of Queen's Park flats

Client: London Borough of Brent
Project type: commercial
Property type: social housing estates
Duration: 2.5 years (ongoing)
Guardians: 34
Properties: 25
Inspections: 531
Client savings: > 206,000
Social impact: > 5,600 hours of volunteering, or the equivalent of > £87k worth of social value

Our partnership with London Borough of Brent began in April 2021. The regeneration of the South Kilburn area is a 15-year project aiming to deliver over 2,400 new homes as part of a sustainable and mixed neighbourhood. As flats are vacated to prepare blocks for demolition they are left empty and  are  at risk of becoming the target of anti-social behaviour. With fewer people in the blocks, maintenance issues may take longer to be spotted; a problem that impacts on existing residents.

Housing property guardians  to mindfully and effectively live in the empty flats has meant that repairs and ASB occurrences have been  reported directly to us and resolved fast. From reporting heating, hot water and electrical issues, to break ins, graffiti and squatting, the Dot Dot Dot team and our guardians are working together to  revitalise Brent’s buildings and ensure that the neighbourhood is a safe place to live.

In 2023 so far, guardians housed in the London Borough of Brent have volunteered a total of 398 hours in their local area. Aside from guardians’ volunteering for established charities, there has been direct involvement in the local neighbourhood. Good causes have included, collecting food parcels for neighbours, hosting a book club for those who are new to London and love reading, and organising a tea party for the elderly.

Dot Dot Dot  are currently working closely with LB Brent to take on more properties in the borough. Our guardians will continue to increase footfall around empty buildings, provide a regular presence and give unloved flats and the surrounding area a new lease of life

The first temporary guardian was housed in South Kilburn in April 2021…and they will be joined by dozens more as the regeneration progresses. They have already volunteered over 1,500 hours to good causes, including at local community kitchens, Covid-19 vaccination centres and the Compass network which represents the LGBT+ community within the armed forces.
An external photo of a block of flats

Councillor Eleanor Southwood

Cabinet member for housing and welfare reform at LB Brent