Raising the bar for property maintenance and repairs

A lady taking a meter reading

When we talk about our mission to get people housed, we don’t just mean the provision of an affordable home. We believe that for individuals to thrive, their home needs to feel safe and looked after. Who could be expected to sleep, work or relax in a home with unsound wiring, a leaky roof or unreliable lighting?

Unfortunately, many property management companies do not hold the same belief, and do not maintain the same compliance standards as us. We are committed to pushing up standards in our industry, and so we publicise all that we do to keep our property owners’ spaces, our guardians’ homes, safe and well maintained.

Last year saw some shocking stories emerging about the real life consequences of the lack of suitable housing in the UK. We have ramped up the regularity and thoroughness of our property inspections, with a focus on damp and mould prevention and clearance. By proactively identifying issues such as these before they become dangerous, we remove the burden of responsibility from our property owners and our guardians, giving peace of mind to all concerned .

“Our experience with the guardians has been very positive. Once the void properties have been accepted there is very little involvement from our side. Having the guardians in the void properties has given us the peace of mind we needed whilst preparing to redevelop the estate.” – A2 Dominion, Oxford based housing association and former client

As well as these housing fundamentals, we understand the stress and irritation that smaller problems can cause for guardians and property owners alike. An unreliable intercom might mean guardians miss appointments or deliveries. A dripping tap could keep a whole household awake at night. A property owner’s to-do list is likely long and arduous already, without adding tasks like finding an electrician or undertaking DIY plumbing.

We manage these kinds of repairs in a fuss-free, timely and respectful way. So, if a guardian notices a problem with the property they are living in, they’ll feel no hesitation in giving us a call, night or day. We’ll deal with it swiftly, and the problem will never even reach the property owner’s desk, so they are free to focus on bigger projects and plans. Should any issue stand unresolved, we are members of the Property Ombudsman Scheme, which provides great reassurance to all parties.

My partner and I experienced some issues in our flat due to a leak in the property above. Dot Dot Dot was extremely helpful and responded quickly. They communicated efficiently with contractors and the building owner, making sure to include us in conversations so we were kept informed.
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Dot Dot Dot guardian in east London

Like everything we do, our approach to repairs and maintenance serves to remove the barriers to housing good people in good buildings, for the benefit of property owners, guardians, and the local community.