Swapping London for Letchworth Garden City

Guardian holding yellow umbrella.

Melody wasn’t intending to embark on a London hiatus, but when she stumbled upon our properties in Letchworth Garden City, she felt drawn to the leafy, pastoral town away from the capital. It was the perfect spot for developing her freelance writing and art career without committing to long-term change. Melody reveals just why the flexibility of guardianship is exactly what she needs during this period of her life.

“When I first became a Dot Dot Dot guardian, I already had six years of experience of property guardianship in London,” Melody tells us. “I knew what was involved and how it all worked so when I came across Dot Dot Dot, I loved that they were offering something different that other organisations didn’t have – their social purpose.”

“Whilst leafing through the website I stumbled across properties in Letchworth Garden City,” she goes on. “I’ve always lived in London, but after seeing that the opportunity was there to try living somewhere different, I thought, why not?”

I have now lived in Letchworth for almost two years and can say that I have loved living somewhere with so much more peace and quiet and space. I can easily travel down to London when I need to, and whilst I know that I will likely move back to the capital eventually, for now I am continuing to enjoy the experience of living away from the hustle and bustle of a large city.
Guardian holding yellow umbrella.


Guardian in Letchworth

“As I’m a freelance writer running a small e-commerce business selling digital and hand-made art, the affordability of living with Dot Dot Dot is important to me,” she explains. “Being a guardian has really helped me especially during the pandemic, in particular not having to pay high London prices and struggle because of it. Guardianship has also meant that I can be flexible and test living somewhere new without the long-term commitment – I feel assured that when the time comes when I want to swap Letchworth for London, I can do so without trying to work my way out of a lengthy housing contract.”

“I was volunteering before I became a guardian,” Melody says. “But the accountability of doing 16 hours a month helped me to push myself beyond my comfort zone and get out there in the local community meeting local people doing the same thing.”

“I spend my free time at a hospice very near to Letchworth which I came across whilst I was networking in my local area. I’m matched with a socially isolated older member of the community, offering companionship mostly. When I visit, we’ll often do arts and crafts like crocheting or cross-stitch and develop our skills together. I really enjoy my time with my companion on Wednesday afternoons and am glad to be living with Dot Dot Dot who recognise that good work as part of my housing.”