We’re launching a Guardian Community Events Fund!

Two women sitting on a bench

After such emphatic success co-sponsoring a comedy event for local residents in Thamesmead, created and run by property guardian, Bea, we’ve launched a brand new Guardian Community Events Fund.

We want to help the communities in which we work to thrive. To achieve that, we’ve set up a fund to help our guardians create and run events that benefit the people living around them. Whether they’re looking to hold a night of entertainment, run an afternoon workshop or simply hire a space for r neighbours to meet and greet, we can support with funding and publicity to help turn ideas into reality.

The fund is now open for applications from Dot Dot Dot guardians who have an idea for an event that will be of benefit to members of their local community, or an identified group of people. We will be providing funding to go towards a specific need, or requirement for the event to run smoothly. Whether that’s hiring a venue, purchasing materials, paying a guest speaker or anything else our guardians would like us to sponsor.

All work towards the creation and running of events will count towards our guardians’ volunteering hours.

Key criteria for applying includes: 

  • Outlining how the event will be of benefit to the local community or group of people
  • The event must be inclusive and accessible for all who would like to participate and attend
  • Specifying which area of the event in particular the funding is for, and how this will benefit the event. For example, funding a key activity or need (guest speaker, venue, materials etc)

Above all, we’re excited to see the many ways in which our guardians create a positive impact within their meanwhile communities!

How to apply

If you’re a Dot Dot Dot guardian, visit the Guardian Handbook to discover more details about criteria for applying and the application form.